Haiku #3 The Bat’s Wrath

Flying bats filled his heart with Dread

Within him the Darkness Spread

As rain and fury descended on a black Night

So was born the Dark Knight


Language of the world

Paolo Coelho’s The Alchemist happens to be one of my favorite books. I am  one of those people for whom self-help books are not much of an help. But this book’s novel style combined with an intriguing narration had me hooked to it. I refer to this book whenever I feel lost in life and somehow it always shows me the way. The book often says that there is one language called  “language of the world”. This language is universal and everybody ranging from the a miniscule grain of sand to something as perpetual as the air can understand. It is often shown to reside deep within the human psyche.
I think this language of the world is a combination of logic, love and human instinct comprising mostly of logic. The same logic that drives our computers, the same logic that makes you wear sweaters in winter and the same logic that makes the leaves green. It’s everywhere around us, it governs the world. Even our facial expressions are governed by science which happens to be a subject based purely on observation and logic.
A scientific study recently found out that basic facial expressions do not vary at all across cultures. The expressions of anger, happiness, guilt all happen to be the same. We often understand each other’s mind through a single glance. It’s a form of communication that is primal basic and overcomes barriers related to language and culture. Not only humans but even animals have identical facial expressions. Non-verbal communication is often a basic universal language in it’s own way.
And then there are computers devices made and functioning exclusively on logic. Today these devices practically run the world. The future leader or rather ruler would probably be more of a hacker than a leader. The language that they speak is something whose understanding has now become of paramount importance.
Love is a universal emotion. Something that can only be felt, experienced never really understood and deduced. It transcends everything religion, race, culture, state and national boundaries even sex. Poets and bards have tried to describe it in their songs. Each from their own perspective, each different yet  somehow the same. It’s the strongest of emotions, the language of hearts. A glance, a smile from a loved one. Lovers often communicate with science than speech. And so love in it’s own way is a universal language.
Instincts are another inexplicable yet essential phenomenon. They occur rather occasionally but when they do happen it’s best not to ignore them. They speaks to us of signs, of situations and difficulties of our innermost feelings. More than often they represent the truth, the truth that is now and what could be the truth of the coming future.
Thus a reader or somebody who understands the language of the world in my sense would probably be a highly logical individual, capable of loving and being loved and somebody who can identify isolate and understand his gut. Experts in a field or people who have trained their minds often see the language of the world. For example a mathematician will tell you that geometry defines the size and design of your room as well as the size and design of a flower. A doctor with good knowledge might tell you that a computer virus and a human virus are not so different. Each will have their own perspective but deep enough rudimentarily they’ll all be the same. The language is not really a language it’s life and it’s in everything in the silent glance of a lover, in the design of a flower, in the computer virus and in your guts. So look deep within and around who knows you might find something shocking and enlightening!


We have known each other far too long
A generation, a decade strong
Even in moments that we were apart
I still had you in my palpating heart

Every time our eyes meet
How brief or long it’s been
My heart still skips a beat
It demands to be loved and seen

I am in love with you
Head to toe, absolute and true
But you aren’t with me
Our union it’s not to be

I tried my best to buy your heart
Tried to begin, a start, our start
Love is not bought but earned
That I now have learned

Around you I can no longer stay
Aghast I must fly away
I must search for my dream
A fish following the river’s stream

I ‘ll always cherish what we had
The memories good and bad
I know now We are not for each other
And so I must say Goodbye, my dear

Another Blog

Hello guys,

I have started another blog. However this one is more of a forum type of thing. It’s for students who need help with their GRE Preparation. I found out during my time there’s a lot of googling required to find the proper materials and tips. So I figured having all that on one site would help a lot.

The URL for the blog is http://thegreforum.wordpress.com

I have posted one article. Interested people do look it up. If you think you can contribute in any way please mail your post at thegreforum@gmail.com. I may upload the post to the site.

Thank you

Atomic Bonds and Relationships

Two people waiting for each other

Two atoms searching one another

Separated by borders and nations

Separated by solids and solutions

Smiles on their faces as they meet

In synch their hearts beat

The distance between them decreasing

The bond Between them strengthening

When the circumstances are apt

They combine and last

One and one becoming one

Stable and never to shun

And then they start to interfere

Pushing too much into one another

And so breaks the companionship

That was once a bond, a relationship