Making a Sandwich

taken from google

Image taken from google

It’s evening time
And dinner’s at nine
I feel hungry now
Need to get a food-fix somehow

So I open the fridge
And decide to make a sandwich
I insert the broad into the toast
And as if energizing it starts to heat and roast

I place on it a crispy lettuce
And cover it with the cheddar cheese’s seduce
On top it comes a large tomato slice
And a diced chilly to add some spice

I add some boiled fresh chicken
And some mayonnaise to thicken
Then comes the final bread
And voila it’s ready!

I feel my mouth water
It’s time to slaughter!
The layers amalgamate to create a delightful flavor
A taste that my mouth can happily savour


3 comments on “Making a Sandwich

  1. abhishek newsakar says:


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  2. Yogesh Kumbhar says:

    You are too good juggling the words! Keep it up. πŸ™‚

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