Separated Yet Together


We started out like lone wanderers
Like lost gatherers
We set out with goals to achieve
Hearts filled with love to give and receive

On in-between roads our paths met
There were days when together we fret
On some occasions we sadly whined
Because there were times when we just got sidelined

We spent some moments having fun
At times over tea sharing a bun
There were memories to be shared
And some pretty women to be stared

Ideas were shared over bunked lectures
And philosophy was created out of our tireless ventures
As we worked along the tension decreased
And in these weird moments of bonding our happiness increased

Love happened to each one of us
But it only stayed with some of us
Friendship too happened to all
And it shall stay till we fall

We met many a person
The meetings weren’t always for a reason
Some taught us to fly
And listening to some just made us cry

There were moments when our dreams could collide
That’s when by each other we choose to abide
We shared because we cared
At times like the morning sun we glared

At length we discussed our pain
At times asked asked ourselves by doing so what we stood to gain
Together we made our hearts light
As the bright mornings inspired us to take flight

We worked tirelessly for a creation
Indifferent to recognition
Seeing the creation come to life made us proud
It made us happily dance around

Now maybe we shall walk away from each other
Whether that happens or not we’ll always cherish one another
For now each one of us has tall hills to climb
And large tough stones to grind

At some point of time we’ll surely meet
No matter how far apart it is we drift
And like the birds of a feather
We shall be separated yet together


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