Greed,Hunger and Man


Their once was a man
Left behind by his clan
For they argued that he couldn’t rise
That he couldn’t surprise

So he set out on a journey
To the lands so faraway and burning
He stretched his slender back
And with trembling hands placed on it his sack

On his journey he met a man
A man wandering with an empty can
He said his name was hunger
In search of food I wander

He said to the man
“Ride with me thou
We shall traverse the world to and fro
I shall teach you to live
I shall teach you to give”

And so with hunger the man rode
And hunger taught him to goad
With that man taught his body to survive
And his mind to revive

The man grew stronger
He learned to stride longer
With that hunger saw his work was done
There was nothing that he could teach and the man could learn

The man travelled alone ahead
Up the road he saw a beautiful glade
In those tall trees he saw a beautiful lady
And with her beckoning eyes and sweet smile she said to the manGreed is my name u crazy”

She said him this
“let me ride with you my lord
I shall teach you to be a god
I shall give u madness
Madness that shall lead you to greatness

Man took her with him
Heaving up her tender body so slim
He saw into her fierce n beautiful red eyes
And felt an incredibly strong fire burning in his insides

She taught him to yen
And she taught him to gain
She made him mad
For he was ever so glad

With this madness the man achieved great heights
He won countless fights
He added oil to the burning fire
He never thought the consequences of his longing urge could be so dire

Alas! In his heart lay no satisfaction
His soul was but a fraction
Greed had taught him madness
Yes! In madness there lay greatness but it didn’t come without profound sadness

N so the world said greed is bad
Never make it feel glad
They treated him like a coward
But none of them thought without greed this slender man would  ever have moved so forward??


One comment on “Greed,Hunger and Man

  1. Yogesh Kumbhar says:

    Felt like I was reading Oscar Wilde or Robert Frost. Greed, hunger and man, good work Gawade! You don’t belong in ZTE. Go, beat Chetan Bhagat! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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