The “espresso” effect


This is an article on “Coffee” talk. Nope, not the “Koffee with Karan” kinds of Coffee talk, an article about coffee, period.  It’s my favourite drink, honestly. I think more than the taste caffeine and the high that I get or got initially after drinking it has more to do with this than the taste. There are three variants of coffee that are quite famous Latte, Cappuccino and Espresso.

Latte: Latte is a light milk coffee i.e. it contains the least amount off coffee or caffeine per glass of milk among the three variants. It is what we generally drink or make at home.

Cappuccino: An Italian Coffee drink that contains higher amounts of coffee as compared to Latte. It’s a milk coffee that is bitter to taste provided you don’t add enough sugar to it (3-4 spoons per cup, yup it takes THAT much sugar to make it sweet enough).

Espresso: This one is my favourite! I call it the “Cocaine “of all coffees or an “Elixir of Life”. It’s Black, pure. Espresso is made from passing small amounts of pressurized boiling water through finely grounded coffee. The result is a deathly bitter dark brown/ black concoction with golden foam on top.  Espressos are available in shots (2-3 times the size of a tequila shot)

So let’s discuss Espressos in detail

Origin:  Espresso was invented in Italy at the beginning of the 20th century by Luigi Bezzera of Milan who invented a method of making coffee with steam pressure. This method provided a quick way of making a single cup of coffee, “espressly” for one. The original Italian may have meant “pressed coffee”, but the meaning also had the connotation of speed.


A traditional Espresso machine

My Personal Experience:

I have been a devotee of black coffee ever since I started drinking it 2 years back. I have an everlasting and healthy relationship with it. One cup daily 0.5-1 cup of hot boiling water mixed with a spoonful or more of coffee. A bitter taste, a fresh feel. So when I recently discovered espresso that too for free without limits I was delighted! So much that to the horror of my friends I took a double. It was bitter as shit but as I took the first sip I felt fresh as hell as if I had suddenly woken up fresh and full of energy.

After a couple of hours I took a third one and then the reaction started. Never have I felt so high! I felt full of energy like I could climb Mount Everest, like I could run 20 miles and still feel alive. My Brain activity also became very high. I could concentrate ten times more than usual didn’t dwindle a second during 6 hours and didn’t feel an ounce of sleep!

But there were some other effects as well. If you drink 2-3 shots all of a sudden and your body isn’t accustomed to it there’s a sharp stomach ache for 5-10 minutes after consuming it and not to exclude the sensation to pee every 15 minutes or so. Caffeine in moderate to high amounts boosts the metabolism rate exponentially. So along with the fact that it gives you the power of a warhorse it may also make you too unstable to use that much energy consistently.

And then there’s also the feeling that comes after the effect’s gone, a wave of tiredness and a bit of lethargy. Also caffeine is addictive!! You’ll always crave for more and unless you value your health you’ll try taking the high to a next level. Soon you’ll be drinking coffee more than you drink water and then there’ll be acidity, insomnia, nervousness etc.

Lucky for me I realised my limit was 2 Ever since that day I have never drank more than two shots. Enough to cancel my sleep, enough to NOT damage my health; a balance. My body got accustomed to them in 10 days after that it felt more or less my usual cup of black coffee. And so now I am sort of accustomed to them. I do have black coffee at home but I generally make it less concentrated than a double shot. When it comes to health and desire you have to draw a line somewhere.

A Verdict

Espresso isn’t for the faint-hearted or rather “faint-stomached”. Most people are happy getting high on cappuccinos and I think that’s perfectly ok. So drink an espresso only if you “like” it (or need that kind of enthusiasm) not just because you think you can stomach it. Most important of all, whichever variant you drink; Enjoy your Coffee!


2 comments on “The “espresso” effect

  1. Slashlea says:

    I love this because I love coffee too. My preference is medium roast with creamer and a little sugar. Lots of creamer. I do not like the dark roast, as it tastes burnt to me. I like that mild-medium smooth taste. I also love Lattes’, so obviously lots of milk (soy, I am lactose intolerant) and sweet flavors. You like the rich coffee (not sweet) drinks, which I can appreciate. But oh my, I would be freaking out! I am accustomed to about a cup of coffee and then water the rest of the day. I can’t even drink a Dr.P without having the jitters! This is a great blog and I think you have done well with it. Thanks for writing!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Braillē says:

    Yes! Caffeine is very addictive. Actually, I was addicted to coffee before. But I have to control myself though. They’re seriously not good for my health. Anyway, I want my coffee to be very strong but has a bit of sugar and lots of creamer! I mostly have 2-3 cups a day before.
    This is a nice blog. ^_^ Good job!

    Liked by 1 person

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