Alien Abduction


My consciousness started to dip
And I decided to go to sleep
Although the night was bright and starry
The burden of my tired body anymore I couldn’t carry

I went into a dreamy trance
My subconscious spiraled into a dance
I had a dream
A dream that could cause a light heart to scream

I saw a white really bright light
It started stinging my eyes
The light cast the silhouette of three small figures
And my head seemed like it had several seizures

They stood above beside me
And stared onto me
They had heads as oval as eggs
And very thin were their hands and legs

They seemed to think that I was their guinea pig
And they probed and tested  me with a e-stick so big
I felt horrified
And they seem to feel satisfied

They gave me an injection
Which sent me into a deep hibernation
I slept soundly
And everything started to seemed so cloudy

I woke up underneath the rising sun on my bed
And so heavy was my head
There was a wound my head which could sure need some cream
Had that horrid thing really been a dream!


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