I just finished watching this movie called “Chef”. It’s a new movie released in US but not in theatres here in India. It’s a movie starring some pretty known faces from hollywood ; Jon Favreau (Iron Man Series), Sofia Vergara (Modern Family) , Scarlett Johansson (Really!Need I add a movie here?! ) . I was actually thinking of writing a proper review but then you have qualified  on payroll people doing that job. So what I am going to do instead is write what the movie meant to me and my views and opinion about it.

I am a total foodie. I think there may have been times when food porn gives me more of a high as compared to well the usual fan. I am also in my own words an “amateur cook”. I love cooking. I have been making my own breakfast since a couple of years now. And I can think I can say that I know my kitchen well. Cooking soothes you in a way. There’s beauty in creating something that can appease your taste buds, satiate your hunger and well entrance your sight on depending on how well you cook it. There’s a certain magic in the way the different amalgamate generating an entirely new product. There are colours, flavours, smells and sounds everywhere. Ah! The sound of fries fizzling, curry boiling, it’s just beautiful .

I think this deeply affected my perception or interpretation of the movie.  The movie it starts with well cooking a dish. It’s total food porn or a food fiesta if you like. The main character is a chef concerned with creativity. He is in his own words in a creative rut. This is something I think every person who has a talent or penchant for something like cooking, painting or for that matter anything. Would you like to do the exact same work every day no matter how much you love it? Won’t you feel like doing something different, experimenting, try something new? This is something I can totally identify with.

His boss tells him “You are a cook not an artist” Now, that’s a harsh statement what’s life without creativity without variety or spice? Doing the same thing again and again like a programmed robot! He quits the job, starts a food truck where he decides the menu. His rules; his place.  And so starts a journey of self-discovery, food creativity and family reconciliation. It’s a beautiful movie that captures the relationship between characters really well. The characters touch you deeply and there are moments where you feel yes that’s the way it should be. In other moments well there is cooking, lots of it. Mexican food mostly and it simply looks eye catching. The shooting is done quite well. The food seems at it should be. The food is vibrant full of colours both mouth-watering and eye-capturing. Please don’t watch this movie on an empty stomach; strictly forbidden.

Overall, the movie teaches you to love your family, exploit your creativity and just break free. Watching this movie has made me feel really really hungry.

Maybe, I‘ll fix myself an evening snack a new and an interesting one




2 comments on ““Delicioso”

  1. Mélanie says:

    yep, yummy, indeed! 🙂 Jon Favreau was in France 2 weeks ago and he did confirm he loved the FRENCH gastronomy which did inspire him for this movie… btw, it’s been THE only one to be accepted by UNESCO as World’s Heritage since 2010! bon appétit & santé(cheers)! 🙂 Mélanie

    Liked by 1 person

    • Heyy thanks a TON for checking out all of my works!! I am glad you liked them 🙂
      I loved the movie. And the French well, you guys invented cooking!! I would love to learn french cuisine if I get the opportunity to. It’s not a thing to be missed!


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