Surrendering to Satan

My heart is so fickle
My blood just wants to tickle
I have myself to give
I have lost all my desire to live

I dont want no alliegance to lord
I dont believe in surrendering to any god
I speak,hear n do no evil
But the only entity I love is the devil

The lord has no mercy for the likes of me
He wants the purity of his heaven to never flee
Hell seems so full of promises
No rules, no flattery and no compromises

The devil comes in my dreams every night
And he says this with increasing might
Come to me my soldier
In hell you shall only get bolder

Kill or be killed is the rule
Fighting in hell is raw and crude
The hell opens its doors to everyone
But comes out always only one

I need to go to hell
Without it my heart will never be well
What is chaos to man who has lived through so much war
Silence seems undesirable and far

And so I shall accept the devil‘s invitation
Hell only shall be my salvation
But for that I need to make a sacrifice
The devil takes no lies

My life I need to throw
My blood must not trickle but flow
I cut my wrists in a rush
And my bloods begins to gush

My life starts to finish
My strength starts to diminish
I feel as light as a feather
Even in my heavy armor made of leather

The worlds going dark
I can no longer hear the bark
My blood seeps in to the ground
Poisoning the nature around

And I see the devil with his hound
Finally I am the one he has found
And as my vision seems to flatten
I scream “take me O Satan Oh Satan Oh Satan


4 comments on “Surrendering to Satan

  1. Ohhh such strong emotion here! Now, I think you can balance it allllll out with a poem about the opposite side 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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