What social work teaches you

I did social work for my college for two years. Those were some both fun and tough moments and I remember each of those days, they were moments of severe troubles at the same time they were also moments of profound happiness. Looking back I think those two years were probably the best two years of my life. Before those two years I had always been a rather introverted and “always in his own world” kid/teen. I could often be lost in my own world . I still do at times. I was also a very voracious reader. I ready a lot now too but nothing compared to then. These things I won’t say they are bad or in any ways unnecessary. It’s just that they confined me to a world which I imagined or my books spoke to me about. I also had a very limited sense of what is like to do general work like cleaning washing clothes etc. And I didn’t know much people. Working for the NSS (National Service Scheme) in my college changed all that.

So According to me here’s a list of few things that social work teaches you

  1. Adaptability:

More often than not you are required to adjust to your surroundings and also to the people you are working with. They may not always be similar to you and not all of them end up as your best friends but when there’s work you learn to cohere. Incase you attend a camp you have to stay at a very isolated village or campsite for a long time. So you adapt to the changes accordingly. The first two-three days are difficult then you just get accustomed to it

  1. Confidence

You learn to speak out more freely and interact with people more clearly. This helps you further. Conducting and participating in seminars that deal with diseases such as AIDS, Diabetes helps you increase your knowledge at the same time boost your confidence

  1. You meet new people

Social Work gives you an excellent opportunity to meet new people from different cultures and parts of the region or country. This makes you appreciate both the differences and similarities between people and understand how unique every person is.

  1. Self-dependency:

The fact that you are working for people who need it obviously means that you are well equipped to take care of yourself even in tough situations. You learn this over time and being self-dependent surely helps a lot.

  1. You become more social and calmer

You interact with people on a large scale some of whom are rather annoying and you may have to deal calmly with them. Handling these types of people makes you more mature and you understand people on a more profound level.

6.You learn a lot of essential values and your behavior gets more defined sharper and mature.

7. Last but not the least you contribute your part in making the world a better place to live in and more than wealth a happy and satisfied heart is what makes you happier.


3 comments on “What social work teaches you

  1. Anyone who does social work has my admiration. Thank you for contributing so positively.
    My best to you

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  2. Wonderful reflections on what is an admirable career choice!

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