God & Religion (A view)

I saw a 2007 sci-fi movie called “The Mist” today. The movie features a character who is a bible fanatic. Over time her force grows. In a way, this situation is a testament to the fact that people when pushed to the extreme or rather when in bad situations that they can’t seem to understand start to push towards god. Everything that cannot be explained is labeled by many as the work of god. A large being, at times, benevolent at times fierce. Sometimes said to be giving gifts and forgiving everybody, sometimes said to be exacting revenge for not being given respect. Doesn’t this behavior in a way, remind you of somebody too familiar (us?) ?

I am saying what I think about him. I don’t think there’s somebody up there looking down (there could be aliens though!)  on us, judging everything we do, observing our every action, judging our every move and checking if we look up to him regularly. I think that god is a simple explanation for something really complicated. The Aryans believed there was one god , that it wasn’t a he or she that it was it nameless, shapeless. I think my view is very close to it. I think god is simply and broadly energy. It exists around us, within us everywhere. It changes shapes, flows from one entity to other, get distributed to various things, it never diminishes or ends although it may change shape, form appearance etc. More importantly it is unprejudiced, indifferent , it doesn’t judge and it’s circular. We are affected by energy (storms, solar flares, blackholes, everything) and it is affected by us (Nuclear reactors, Hydrogen Bombs, Electrical generators). The concept may sound simple but it is in fact very very difficult.

Think about it, everything in the universe from a simple cell to the entire galaxy are all composed of energy, some form or the other. Even a vacuum contains energy in the form of light. The gods that most of us often pray to were the ones who knew how to use the energy efficiently (Telekinesis, Telepathy, Ancient Technology). They weren’t concern with the mundane world probably because they knew that in the end everything ranging from the insects on the earth to the stars in the sky are fundamentally the same. They were all created with energy. They were probably the result of a set of circumstances, a trigger leading to a revolution, A butterfly effect rather than thee cause of a single being. In a way the god I believe in is a part of us and we are a part of it and maybe that’s what spirituality is all about. In the words of Scarlet Johannson from the movie Lucy “We never really die”.

As for religion, I  think it is a more of a civic rather than a holy or divine concept. You take the various holy books, the Bible, the Quran, The Bhagvadgeeta all of them essentially in there most primitive form describe life and co-existence. They all are basically the same, all secretly and fundamentally mean the same. In some ways, the describe the rules and methodologies to be employed in a society and also for a fruitful life. And like most laws go they are probably changeable and were intended to change and modify as the world grows. There were a means to classify,to civilize and to maybe control. It seems it started out as a method of classification but only ended up dividing us. Over time religion has been modified, twisted and molded to exert control. Sadly and by our own hand, it ended up causing the very thing it was trying to prevent.

And so most of our “gods , demons, angels”, maybe they weren’t human or mortals or had a life and existence like us, maybe they lived long, maybe they were advanced aliens or maybe they were smart and deceiving people or Time-traveling humans. And maybe religion was simply their rule book, or maybe a smartly written narrative style self-help book like Paulo Coelho’s “The Alchemist.” Either way I don’t think it matters I think we will move forward, broaden our horizons, reach new heights ,maybe someday we shall be the very gods that we believe in but I think we should always remember that there will always be something stronger than us, something because the universe is endless and ever-expanding and because our lesson, and legacy doesn’t lie in how many successes we had or we many planets we inhabit , it lies in how many obstacles we conquered.

So that’s my view, What’s yours?


15 comments on “God & Religion (A view)

  1. risinghawk says:

    I pretty much agree with what you have said here. Whatever this energy that many call “God” really is, it is pervasive and, I believe, indifferent to what we do. It is not like us – not an egomaniac waiting to be praised, and surely not petty enough to give two flips by what name we choose to refer to it. I DO believe that it can be applied in a person’s life, but not as a favor from “IT,” but by our own use of faith to bring the “larger” to bear in a situation. This is not easy to do, but it can be done by someone who is adept in using this force. Excellent post!

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  2. I have been thinking about God more these days and your post is very timely for me to reflect on… thank you.

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  3. writerchick1 says:

    I get it, my views are slightly different on the whole ‘god’ thing but I get what you mean and its interesting I never thought about aliens or something else, being up there being the reason for our religions, I also agree completely that all the ‘holy’ books are just fundamentally the same. This was a good post thanks for the recommendation.

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  4. Hello there – PenAllen from AP – I stopped by to check out your blog and found a thoughtful piece with valid opinions which coincide with mine some of the time.

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  5. Cheryl Wilcox says:

    My views are a bit different. I have no questions or doubts about God. I do however, appreciate the reflection and introspection in this pen. There is a higher power. It is something that I have always known and felt. Most religions do have very similar beliefs – the main one is love one another despite adversity and difference of opinions. Every sentiment you have declared rings true to that basic and life essential theme. If we follow the rules whether from God or humanity, or any other source – the world is far more beautiful. Thank you for the thought evoking pen.


  6. Cheryl Wilcox says:

    You are welcome 🙂


  7. Elihu Barachel says:

    Are you a “Christian”?

    I regard what calls itself “Christianity” today, as so much RELIGIOUS SHIT.

    Why? The Apostle Paul wrote this in his second letter to the Corinthians

    2nd Cor 11:4 For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him.

    Some earmarks of “another Jesus”

    · He was borne on Christmas
    · His “Triumphal Entry” was on Palm Sunday
    · His Crucifixion was on Good Friday
    · His Resurrection was on Easter
    · He turned water into grape juice
    · He inspired the NIV (or anything other than the KJV)
    · He prays the Lord’s Prayer “…thy will be done on earth…”
    · His “gospel” is John 3:16
    · If he didn’t have brothers and sisters
    · If he loves EVERYBODY
    · If his mother makes apparitions
    · If he builds his church upon Peter (Matt 16:18)
    · If you have to say the “Sinner’s Prayer” to be saved (John 6:44)
    · If some “Reverend Doctor” preaches about him
    · If a ThD “Theologian” explains him
    · If his ministers call themselves “Reverend” of “Father”

    Go tell your Lovey-Dovey jESUS: he can take his salvation and shove it up his ass…AND TELL HIM THAT I SAID SO!

    If your opinion of ANY of the above is: “It doesn’t matter”, then YOU, your church your pastor, your denomination, your jESUS, your gOD – are so much RELIGIOUS SHIT…ask Nadab and Abihu how much it matters! (that is of course, if your stupid ass even knows who they are)

    Also, if you still think it doesn’t matter, because one day you’re going to fly away to meet your lovey-dovey lord in the lovey-dovey clouds…your dumb ass will wonder why you are still here when the FIRST SEAL BREAKS

    There are 7 years soon to commence, it’s called the Great Tribulation. All you lovey-dovey Vomit Chunk “christians” will have an opportunity to PROVE that you REALLY ARE what you claim to be.

    Do you think you will survive? The coming Seven Years
    It’s called the Tribulation, a time of and pain and tears

    Chances are not good, that you’ll live to see it through
    You’ll probably be killed, your not the chosen few

    You will greet the Antichrist, and you’ll take his Mark
    This guarantees you’ll burn in Hell, the warnings were so stark

    For 1000 years you’ll burn, before you stand before the Throne
    The Great White Throne of God, you He will disown

    Then you’ll be cast alive, into The Lake of Fire
    With all RELIGIOUS SHIT, and every other liar

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  8. vineeth805 says:

    It was definitely more than just a thought,maybe the reality itself.So focusing on how can we increase our energy.As in Telepathy can be tried to some extent If world was that simple to understand.Anyways all the best to the world of conquering obstacles..


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