God & Religion (A view)

I saw a 2007 sci-fi movie called “The Mist” today. The movie features a character who is a bible fanatic. Over time her force grows. In a way, this situation is a testament to the fact that people when pushed to the extreme or rather when in bad situations that they can’t seem to understand start to push towards god. Everything that cannot be explained is labeled by many as the work of god. A large being, at times, benevolent at times fierce. Sometimes said to be giving gifts and forgiving everybody, sometimes said to be exacting revenge for not being given respect. Doesn’t this behavior in a way, remind you of somebody too familiar (us?) ?

I am saying what I think about him. I don’t think there’s somebody up there looking down (there could be aliens though!)  on us, judging everything we do, observing our every action, judging our every move and checking if we look up to him regularly. I think that god is a simple explanation for something really complicated. The Aryans believed there was one god , that it wasn’t a he or she that it was it nameless, shapeless. I think my view is very close to it. I think god is simply and broadly energy. It exists around us, within us everywhere. It changes shapes, flows from one entity to other, get distributed to various things, it never diminishes or ends although it may change shape, form appearance etc. More importantly it is unprejudiced, indifferent , it doesn’t judge and it’s circular. We are affected by energy (storms, solar flares, blackholes, everything) and it is affected by us (Nuclear reactors, Hydrogen Bombs, Electrical generators). The concept may sound simple but it is in fact very very difficult.

Think about it, everything in the universe from a simple cell to the entire galaxy are all composed of energy, some form or the other. Even a vacuum contains energy in the form of light. The gods that most of us often pray to were the ones who knew how to use the energy efficiently (Telekinesis, Telepathy, Ancient Technology). They weren’t concern with the mundane world probably because they knew that in the end everything ranging from the insects on the earth to the stars in the sky are fundamentally the same. They were all created with energy. They were probably the result of a set of circumstances, a trigger leading to a revolution, A butterfly effect rather than thee cause of a single being. In a way the god I believe in is a part of us and we are a part of it and maybe that’s what spirituality is all about. In the words of Scarlet Johannson from the movie Lucy “We never really die”.

As for religion, I  think it is a more of a civic rather than a holy or divine concept. You take the various holy books, the Bible, the Quran, The Bhagvadgeeta all of them essentially in there most primitive form describe life and co-existence. They all are basically the same, all secretly and fundamentally mean the same. In some ways, the describe the rules and methodologies to be employed in a society and also for a fruitful life. And like most laws go they are probably changeable and were intended to change and modify as the world grows. There were a means to classify,to civilize and to maybe control. It seems it started out as a method of classification but only ended up dividing us. Over time religion has been modified, twisted and molded to exert control. Sadly and by our own hand, it ended up causing the very thing it was trying to prevent.

And so most of our “gods , demons, angels”, maybe they weren’t human or mortals or had a life and existence like us, maybe they lived long, maybe they were advanced aliens or maybe they were smart and deceiving people or Time-traveling humans. And maybe religion was simply their rule book, or maybe a smartly written narrative style self-help book like Paulo Coelho’s “The Alchemist.” Either way I don’t think it matters I think we will move forward, broaden our horizons, reach new heights ,maybe someday we shall be the very gods that we believe in but I think we should always remember that there will always be something stronger than us, something because the universe is endless and ever-expanding and because our lesson, and legacy doesn’t lie in how many successes we had or we many planets we inhabit , it lies in how many obstacles we conquered.

So that’s my view, What’s yours?


Influential people

The title might goad you into thinking that this is an article about influential people like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King or other famous people. It’s not about them. It’s about the other “influential” people. The regular people in our lives. The people that inspire us, shape us, mold us and direct us towards something. we meet them in different walks of lives, in different places, different times. Some of them stay,some leave. Some we love, some we hate. Whatever maybe the case, you cannot deny the fact that these people stand out from the others and that they have influenced your life in a major or minor way.

It has happened with me in several points of life. I remember people that have taught me something or the other, made me better in a way, looked out for me or taught me to look out for myself. The first such person I met was a girl back in school. She was fun and we got along like long lost friends. I used to be a really shy, timid guy back then. I think she helped me realize that I could friendly, that it was ok to let out whatever was trapped in your heart. She taught me to not care about the what the world thought about me, but to live the way I wanted to. After that I changed, became stronger, more social. She is one among the list of many others. And I am pretty sure that no matter how far I go from them, no matter how much time passes I would never totally forget any of them.

You, could probably call this is a sign of weakness. A sign of irresolute mind or a guy who seems to see his destiny or path in the actions or directions. I don’t think that is the case. I think part of me already knows where to go , it’s determined, steady but it’s need to be reminded. It’s like a guy stuck in a dark chamber, it knows it has to reach the light, but it doesn’t know how, it needs an arrow a sign to show it the way. That is why I don’t think this is a sign of weakness, I think it’s a sign of being human, to commit mistakes, to have your heartbroken, but also to learn to pick ourselves up, to mend and to tend to the injuries both physical and emotional.

I think, that a person’s life isn’t shaped just by the circumstances he thrives in and his will, but also by the people he meets along the way. The ultimate decision is always yours, the goal in some ways is always set or maybe it should be, but people they do affect us and in a way they should, i think. People like those, they stay in our minds, dormant over time, the memories going weaker and  weaker as time passes by, but like a carbon 14 isotope, decreasing yet never truly forgotten never extinct.


What is love?

Quiescent in the body

Yet zealous in the heart

Calm and beautiful as the sea

Yet raging and resounding as the storm

The spark as ephemeral as a butterfly

And the feeling as perpetual as the sky

Heaven in the sunshine

And hell in the dark times

A mountain of happiness in the soul

A stabbing pain the heart

Eyes staring at each other silently

Yet a world flowing through them

Our world

That is love

What social work teaches you

I did social work for my college for two years. Those were some both fun and tough moments and I remember each of those days, they were moments of severe troubles at the same time they were also moments of profound happiness. Looking back I think those two years were probably the best two years of my life. Before those two years I had always been a rather introverted and “always in his own world” kid/teen. I could often be lost in my own world . I still do at times. I was also a very voracious reader. I ready a lot now too but nothing compared to then. These things I won’t say they are bad or in any ways unnecessary. It’s just that they confined me to a world which I imagined or my books spoke to me about. I also had a very limited sense of what is like to do general work like cleaning washing clothes etc. And I didn’t know much people. Working for the NSS (National Service Scheme) in my college changed all that.

So According to me here’s a list of few things that social work teaches you

  1. Adaptability:

More often than not you are required to adjust to your surroundings and also to the people you are working with. They may not always be similar to you and not all of them end up as your best friends but when there’s work you learn to cohere. Incase you attend a camp you have to stay at a very isolated village or campsite for a long time. So you adapt to the changes accordingly. The first two-three days are difficult then you just get accustomed to it

  1. Confidence

You learn to speak out more freely and interact with people more clearly. This helps you further. Conducting and participating in seminars that deal with diseases such as AIDS, Diabetes helps you increase your knowledge at the same time boost your confidence

  1. You meet new people

Social Work gives you an excellent opportunity to meet new people from different cultures and parts of the region or country. This makes you appreciate both the differences and similarities between people and understand how unique every person is.

  1. Self-dependency:

The fact that you are working for people who need it obviously means that you are well equipped to take care of yourself even in tough situations. You learn this over time and being self-dependent surely helps a lot.

  1. You become more social and calmer

You interact with people on a large scale some of whom are rather annoying and you may have to deal calmly with them. Handling these types of people makes you more mature and you understand people on a more profound level.

6.You learn a lot of essential values and your behavior gets more defined sharper and mature.

7. Last but not the least you contribute your part in making the world a better place to live in and more than wealth a happy and satisfied heart is what makes you happier.

If we weren’t alone

(I tried to relate the visiting of aliens with unity in humanity. I hope it’s worked out in a decent way. This poem would be considered very loosely inspired from the show ancient aliens)

One bright day a ship would land
Near the Whitehouse with an audacity oh so grand
From it would emerge our ancestors
One that were called gods,fathers brothers and sisters

And they humanity shall know
Where and when they were grown
The would realise that now we are surely not alone
We could call them gods or demons
But if it were them they would  prefer the term “human”

Then mankind’s understanding shall widen
Our minds shall brighten
Men shall traverse the universe
And meet beings so diverse

We would finally understand nature
One that’s so confusing yet so mature
We wouldn’t just learn the  language of a nation
But the speakings and mystery of a constellation

But most of all we won’t say “I am from India and I am Hindu”
Or “I am from from Isreal and I am Jew”
We would say “I am from earth
And I am human”
We would finally be one

For borders shall be forgotten
And colours shall be dissolved
Whether a threat or a help
The visitors would probably would unite us all

The Winter

Image taken from google

Image taken from google

The air feels so cold
And flows so bold
It places on your lips a chilly kiss
And when the kiss isn’t too cold it feels such a bliss

The mornings become so foggy
The sky gets completely cloudy
No matter how late you get up it’s always drowsy
N the body is stiff and feels so lousy

It seems like the best time to be lazy
Jogging in the morning seems totally crazy
Everything seems so hazy
And underneath the soft blankets it feels so cozy

The days are shorter
And the nights longer
Tea and soups are favored
Ice-creams and cold drinks are left undevoured

People wear too much clothing
And walk around the cold streets some loathing
And the leaves get ready to splinter
For it is the cold and beautiful winter!!

Surrendering to Satan

My heart is so fickle
My blood just wants to tickle
I have myself to give
I have lost all my desire to live

I dont want no alliegance to lord
I dont believe in surrendering to any god
I speak,hear n do no evil
But the only entity I love is the devil

The lord has no mercy for the likes of me
He wants the purity of his heaven to never flee
Hell seems so full of promises
No rules, no flattery and no compromises

The devil comes in my dreams every night
And he says this with increasing might
Come to me my soldier
In hell you shall only get bolder

Kill or be killed is the rule
Fighting in hell is raw and crude
The hell opens its doors to everyone
But comes out always only one

I need to go to hell
Without it my heart will never be well
What is chaos to man who has lived through so much war
Silence seems undesirable and far

And so I shall accept the devil‘s invitation
Hell only shall be my salvation
But for that I need to make a sacrifice
The devil takes no lies

My life I need to throw
My blood must not trickle but flow
I cut my wrists in a rush
And my bloods begins to gush

My life starts to finish
My strength starts to diminish
I feel as light as a feather
Even in my heavy armor made of leather

The worlds going dark
I can no longer hear the bark
My blood seeps in to the ground
Poisoning the nature around

And I see the devil with his hound
Finally I am the one he has found
And as my vision seems to flatten
I scream “take me O Satan Oh Satan Oh Satan